Aubrecht R. & Jamrichová M., 2009: Štepnická skala Klippe – unique type of the Czorsztyn Succession (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Western Carpathians). Acta Geologica Slovaca, 1, 2, 140–158.

Štepnická skala Klippe – unique type of the Czorsztyn Succession (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Western Carpathians)

Štepnická skala – zvláštny vývoj čorštýnskej jednotky (pieninské bradlové pásmo, Západné Karpaty)

Roman Aubrecht1,2 & Miroslava Jamrichová1

1Department of Geology and Palaeontology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava, Mlynská dolina G, SK-842 15 Bratislava, Slovakia;,
2Geophysical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dúbravská cesta 9, SK-845 28 Bratislava, Slovakia


Štepnická skala represents a specific klippe of the Czorsztyn Succession (Pieniny Klippen Belt). The specificity of the klippe is prevalence of non-condensed micritic limestones over the condensed, Ammonitico Rosso-type limestones. The stratigraphic succession starts with pink to reddish crinoidal limestone (Krupianka Limestone Formation – Bajocian), which is overlain by nodular limestones of the Ammonitico Rosso facies (Czorsztyn Limestone Formation – Bathonian). Then follows thick Bohunice Formation (Bathonian-Lower Tithonian) which shows large lateral and vertical variability. Therefore this formation was subdivided to new-defined members: Medné Limestone Member (Bositra coquina – Bathonian-Callovian), micritic/crinoidal Štepnice Limestone Member (Callovian-Lower Oxfordian), micritic Babiná Limestone Member (Upper Callovian-Oxfordian), Kočkovce Limestone Member (ammonite coquina – Oxfordian) and Saccoccoma Streženice Limestone Member (Kimmeridgian-Lower Tithonian). In the Babiná Limestone Member, flat mound with stromatactis-like structures is visible. It was formerly interpreted as true stromatactis mud-mound but it lacks signs of microbial cementation which are typical for stromatactis mud-mounds. Bohunice Formation is overlain by Dursztyn Limestone Formation with very similar facies development (Tithonian-Berriasian).

Key words: Western Carpathians, Pieniny Klippen Belt, Czorsztyn Succession, lithostratigraphy, microfacies

Manuscript received: 2009-10-08

Revised version accepted: 2009-12-18

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